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When nature’s fury strikes, Allpro Construction is your reliable partner for storm damage repair services. We understand the devastation that storms can leave behind, from roof damage to structural issues and everything in between.

Our dedicated team of experts is equipped to swiftly assess the damage and provide comprehensive storm damage repairs to bring your property back to its pre-storm condition. Whether it’s repairing roofs, restoring siding, or addressing interior damage, we ensure a meticulous and efficient restoration process.

With a commitment to quality and safety, Allpro Construction is here to ease the stress of storm-related disasters, helping you rebuild and recover, no matter how severe the damage may be. Trust us to restore your property’s resilience and your peace of mind.

Equipment Rentals for Combatting Water Damage

After the devastation of a water event that damages your home or business, prompt cleanup is vital to making timely repairs and stopping the potential for mold growth. We have 40 fans and 20 dehumidifiers available to rent to dry out wet and damaged areas of your property.

The fans are used to dry the top layer and dehumidifiers help get all the moisture out of materials in the room. The use of fans and dehumidifiers is very important and we’re here to help restore your house or office to its original condition!

Our rental rates are based on Xactimate pricing.

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