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Important Homeowner Info for Storms

Storms can be scary for you, your pets, and your home. Storm winds between 50 and 60 mph can cause serious damage, according to the National Severe Storms Lab. These storms can mean wet basements, damaged roofs, or damage to the walls and foundation of your home. Water damage cleanup and other restoration services can help, but you likely want to try your best to avoid damage in the first place. Here are some important things any homeowner needs to know about preparing for incoming storms


Protect Your Windows

If there is a hurricane or other severe storm approaching, you’ll want to cover your windows. Cut plywood that is slightly larger than the window and secure it to a two-by-four that is inside the window. Do not screw the plywood to the window frame, as that can damage the frame and leave your home unprotected. The window will need to be partially open for the two-by-four, but the oversize plywood should keep the window safe and secure.

Check on Your Water Drainage Systems

Make sure your gutters are flowing well and aren’t clogged or pulling away from the house. You also need to make sure that there are water diversions in the yard, such as French drains or other systems to keep water from running to the foundation or pooling in the yard. If you’re expecting heavy rain, you want a system in place that will move that water quickly away from home structures.

Check Your Roofing

Especially if you have shingle roofing, you want to know that the roofing materials are firmly attached. Loose shingles are prone to blowing off in a storm, creating the possibility for water to come in through the walls and the attic. If this happens, you will need water damage repair services to get your house back into shape.

Even metal or other roofing material types are apt to be damaged in a storm. Check on the attachment points and ensure that they are secure. Loose screws in a metal roof can allow water to seep in as well.

Preparing and protecting your home during storms is important to its health and safety. If you need water damage cleanup or are interested in more information about helping your home through storms, give Allpro Construction, Inc a call. We’re experts in the field and ready to help.

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