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When Mother Nature shows her might in Tacoma, WA, stormy skies can quickly lead to a homeowner’s nightmare. Allpro Construction Inc stands steadfast as your first line of defense, providing top-tier storm damage repair services tailored for Tacoma’s unique climate challenge.

We understand the devastation that storms can leave behind, from roof damage to structural issues and everything in between.

Weathering Tacoma's Storms: The Urgency of Damage Repair

Tacoma’s geographic location presents an array of weather patterns, from sudden heavy rains to fierce winds and occasional snowfall. These elements can wreak havoc on structures, leading to a pressing need for timely storm damage restoration.

  • Water Infiltration: The relentless rain can find its way into homes, causing water damage.
  • Wind Damage: Strong winds might rip shingles from roofs or send debris flying, causing structural damage.
  • Snow and Ice: Accumulation can lead to roof collapse or seepage when it melts.
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roof is warping from flood

The Allpro Advantage in Storm Damage Restoration

  • Local Expertise: Our deep-rooted presence in Tacoma, WA, has given us a keen understanding of its weather challenges.

  • Swift Response: Our emergency services ensure immediate action, minimizing further potential damage.

  • Comprehensive Service: We handle everything from water damage mitigation following heavy rain, to emergency roof repairs post-storm.

  • Insurance Liaison: As a third-party vendor, Allpro Construction is adept at communicating with insurance companies, assisting you seamlessly with property claims and ensuring your restoration process is hassle-free.

House with tarp after a storm

When unforeseen events leave your roof compromised, Allpro Construction steps in with a prompt and efficient temporary roof repair service. Serving Tacoma and surrounding areas, we prioritize your property’s protection, offering interim solutions until a repair or replacement can be executed.

Beyond Storm Damage: Comprehensive Damage Repair Services

While our prowess in weather damage repair is unparalleled, our skills aren’t limited to storm aftermath.

Restoring Tacoma, One Home at a Time

At Allpro Construction Inc, we’re more than just repair specialists. We’re a part of the Tacoma community. Our commitment goes beyond professional service; it’s about restoring peace of mind and ensuring our neighbors have a safe, secure place to call home after each storm.

Equipment Rentals for Combatting Water Damage

In the aftermath of water damage to your home or business, immediate cleanup becomes crucial to initiate swift repairs and prevent mold proliferation. We offer a fleet of 40 fans and 20 dehumidifiers for rent, geared towards rejuvenating the affected areas of your property.

While the fans target the surface moisture, our dehumidifiers delve deeper, extracting humidity from room materials. The combined action of both is indispensable, and we’re committed to aiding you in restoring your home or office to its pristine state!

Our rental pricing aligns with Xactimate standards.

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